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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

we've moved

thank you for visiting daniel's ex blog. feel free to browse through all 310-posts of archives and laugh at his life. for more mundane everyday nonsense, click here. and while youre doing that, have yourself a merry little christmas.

see you on the other side

Dannyboy at 9:47 PM

Thursday, November 01, 2007

possibly temporary. this is NOT a move.

oh i am random

Dannyboy at 12:18 PM

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

whims and fancies

my head hurts.

chinese o lvls today. i found it hard, dunno about you. hopefully everyone found it hard, then the bell curve will just shift upwards. i wonder if it can be a bell curve if its totally assymetrical. or if it ends before reaching 75%. anyway, now theres only mep and guitar left. and i have yet to start preparing for either of them.

went for lunch with my mum after chinese. pepper lunch doesnt taste as good as it used to, or maybe its just that im sick. and i realised how stupid i am. im sick and i went to cycle and run around. cycled along the canal, thats 2.4 km, then from ghim moh to my house, along the road. thats about. 5 or 6 bus stops i think. uphill half the time. or 3/4. and now im feeling even more sick. and my head hurts. stupid me.

i have no idea what subjects to pick next year. having dropped physics last year, i only have 2 main choices. i either do arts courses in uni, meaning humans subjects, or medicine. ill probably take chem history and math at higher level, with larts, chinese and bio/econs at sl. so its between bio and econs. if i take econs, i cant take medicine. if i take bio, it only adds medicine. so the point is, do i see myself with a dr in front of my name within the next 10 years. to think of it, i have no idea why i want to be a lawyer, or why i DONT want to be a doctor. i think it was just on the spur of the moment when i went. i think i shall be a lawyer when i grow up. why? oh no reason. just for the fun of it. and i dont even know if itll be fun. think you stupid brain.

to continue with my point about the non-existence of fairness. it brings me to something we discussed in POD this year. about how, despite the fact that there is no perfection in human society, we still have the notion of such a concept. so where could such a concept come from. for example if you lived in a primitive society with no computers your whole life, you couldnt possibly imagine the possibility of the internet. so why is it that we are able to imagine perfection despite having absolutely no contact with it. unless we have, and through a supernatural being that is GOD. well my head hurts now so im not thinking properly. so im sorry if whatever i just said makes no argumentative sense whatsoever.

maybe i should shift from blogspot. but what about my archives. :(

show me what to do
with you

Dannyboy at 9:23 PM

Monday, October 29, 2007



in the midst of a conversation with therese, this statement came up. where has the fairness in the world gone. well it made me think. and here's what i think.

there isnt such a thing as fairness. how would you define fairness? everyone being equal? and therefore getting equal pay and benefits? an ideal communist society perhaps. how is that fair then. even when i work harder than you, ill get the same things. ill have to eat the same food, live in the same kind of house and circumstances. wouldnt that make life unfair for me?

what about the other scenario. meritocracy. reap what you sow. and here's where all the dissatisfied people go: thats not fair. why are those people more privileged. why can people afford to donate millions of dollars at one shot when i have to slog half of my life away just earning one million. why do people own hotel chains when im still paying off the loan for my house. human nature is a continually unhappy one. it gives rise to change and progress through our everlasting hunger for a better life. it also gives rise to hatred, feelings of unhappiness, and looking for ways to outdo others and leave them in your wake.

and so, i was going to say that fairness died when politics was invented. but i think now that mankind killed fairness when we envisioned the possibility of such a concept.

ignorance is bliss

Dannyboy at 9:36 PM

more work

all the way

the first monday of the holidays. and as with all holidays, its spent in school. guitar from 1030 to 430. and i actually left my house at 930, thinking that guitar started at 10. unfortunately or fortunately, depending on how you look at it, i was distracted by my phone and missed the bus. and unfortunately 74 doesnt come that often. well not as often as i would like it too. so i ended up getting to school only 10 minutes early. ah well.

and now just after handing over council, i have a new job. well not really. we still have stuff to do, like clear out our cupboards and plan council camp. and as guitar pres ill have more work to do too. like admin stuff for next year, planning concerts, reminding people about practices, organising the orchestra. ah well. i need to jump out of this slacking mood. especially with mep o lvls a week away. and chinese o lvls in 2 days. slap me please.

make me mug.
im spending too much time
on the phone
on the comp
on the xbox

Dannyboy at 8:19 PM

Sunday, October 28, 2007

quote of the day

peiyi. prepare. says (10:28 PM):
in times of trouble, do not FRET. you can always PULL IT OFF.

Dannyboy at 10:29 PM

and so

it begins

and i started the holidays by destroying my iTunes library. in an attempt to convert calida's song from wav to mp3 so i could put it in my phone, i clicked on iTunes. and seeing as how it didnt work, i naturally clicked on it again. and again. and again. until my comp lagged. so i ctrl-alt-deleted and ended the itunes process. and the next time i opened it, my library was empty. so i had to recreate the library, with all play counts and ratings set at 0. and with no playlists. :(

despite all the sadness. halo 3 is a really interesting game. especially once i koped a giant axe thingy from one of the enemies, which sets of a gigantic shock wave explosion when you whack someone with it. yay. kill. kill. kill.

more music.

Dannyboy at 8:44 PM

Saturday, October 27, 2007

the suspense

its killing me.

who are the heavens for, if not for us.

well. this is going to be a relatively long post, seeing as how i was out the whole of yesterday and today and so couldnt blog about all the stuff i wanted to blog about yesterday.

so yes. we celebrated kevin wong's birthday today. happy birthday kwong. and since i was out yesterday till late, i overslept and woke up at 10am. when his party was supposed to start at 10 and happens to be at east coast. inevitably, because of the stupid rigidity of the space-time continuum, i was late for the party. ate breakfast at 1030, left the house, reached his place at 11, and ate lunch at 12. and i must say, 1 and a half burgers, 5 chicken wings, fries and a milkshake leave you a very full person if you eat them less than 2 hours after your breakfast. played nintendo DS, of which there were 4. 2 belonging to his aunts, one to his brother and one to him. ate doughnuts with candles on top of them in place of a cake, and drank milo while everyone else except kevin low drank irish coffee. containing alcohol. ah well. too bad i dont take coffee. then. we played nintendo wii. man his grandma's house is such a gaming centre. after which, zhang boey and i stayed for dinner while juzzie jason and klow left. so we played more ds, more wii, and cards. had an awesomely nice dinner with roasted pork and chicken, and then an equally awesomely nice cheescake. so. we sang the birthday song for him twice today. 2 celebrations in one day isnt that bad. and playing the wii was a good enough work out for an unfit person like me.

while i was slacking the day away a long distance away from my house, i received 10 missed calls from my parents. and when i reached home i found out what it was all about. the first surprise was that my brother is at home. he got kicked out of scouts camp early cos his arms are covered with blisters because of some sunburn he got while kayaking. the 2nd surprise is that sitting next to my tv is a xbox 360. yes thats right. with halo 3, forza motorsport 2 and ninety-nine nights. so much for having nothing to do during the holidays. ill be lucky to even accomplish HALF of all the things i want to do.

so. on to yesterday's news.

it was the last day of school. brought my amp to school and russ brought his guitar. it was a really unproductive jamming session though, other than the chance to bother the class. either way. after the technical end of my secondary school life, i had guitar comm interviews. which almost made me late for my piano lesson, which was more of mep tuition. seeing as how i didnt play anything on the piano at all, other than the tune of the first subject of haydn's symphony no. 104. i will so be hating that song by 7 november, if i get my act together and study properly.

anyway. on the way to piano, we passed by this tiny structure by the side of the road. its probably the same size as my room, and was surrounded by a nondescript green fence. on which was pasted the sign: protected place. with a illustration of a soldier pointing a gun at a trespasser. oh the need for technicalities in our society. firstly i doubt anyone would be guarding a post of that size. secondly i dont think anyone would bother climbing over the fence only to find that he can accomplish almost nothing in that small fenced up area. unless he is planning on sleeping on the ground, next to a highway, protected by a fence. which failed to keep him out anyway.

another thing. during our level briefing, we were told that we would have to be much more mature next year. after all, while in secondary school we were given the excuse of being immature and childish, somewhat. but once we hit year 5, expectations increase. we shouldnt even need to be told to keep quiet. just a "good morning" should suffice in silencing the entire cohort. now this i couldnt understand. yesterday i was an immature secondary school student, whose boisterous behaviour was understandable. in the course of the next 2 months however, i will undergo a change in maturity that 4 years of good wholesome education could not instill in me. next january, POOF. ill be a mature student. who will be able to fulfil all the expectations. oh that is one process i dont want to miss out on.

before worship practice, i went to cycle 9 km. seeing as i havent cycled in over 2 years, that wasnt bad. i didnt even fall off while cycling with one hand. although i did almost crash into someone who suddenly changed direction while jogging in front of me. thankfully, i didnt. after the worship practice, which reminded me once again to fix my spiritual life, i was in the car going home with my grandparents. listening to their conversation was really interesting. my grandfather was talking in hokkien, and my grandmother was replying in english. and the conversation ensued with natural efficiency. the wonders of bilingualism.

and so. i shall go and sleep, or i will be late for worship practice tomorrow at 740. seeing as how it takes a half an hour drive to get there. more thinking in my next post.

and you never know
how much that means to me.

Dannyboy at 9:34 PM

Thursday, October 25, 2007

give me faith

before the end

today's school wasnt as wasted as i thought it would be. started the day with a long talk with russell. and then played some poker. and then stoned around abit, filled in forms. well thats better than stoning the whole day. came back, had chinese tuition, during which i was totally sleepy. no idea why. spent the rest of the evening on the phone and msn. had dinner, then guitar lesson. after which i am now no longer eager to buy a new guitar. i want a new amp which has effects and a double-plug in. that would own.

went for some hwachong play thingy yesterday. it sounded very much like a social studies lesson. understanding our past. well i just couldnt bear to listen to the accents, pronounciations and enunciations. and especially since their PAP wore black pants and their GOD was violent and egoistic. island creamery was worth the walk to serene centre, and i must say watching pei yi rambling on with glen was interesting. although hannah and i didnt know what they were talking about most of the time. ah. i need to get out more often.

council 08. despite the setbacks, messups and possible mis-decisions (if theres such a word), weve got to trust that things will work out. one way or the other. so this goes out to all the disappointed sec 3s. just because things are this way doesnt mean you cant make a difference. for all you know, the position you are now in may free you up to make bigger changes to the board. hopefully changes for the better. it would really be a shame if everything mrbongard has worked for goes down the drain just like that.

as much as i didnt pay attention during devotions and felt it was a little weird. it did have a point. especially when i look at it with what russell told me. well GOD can speak in any way. i think ive been looking out for obvious signs and voices in my head, when all the time the messages are screaming out at me. fix me.

its got to start somewhere. and sometime. so why not here and now.

someones got to have hope
thats how dreams are born.

Dannyboy at 10:18 PM

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